About cic

A Positive Start CIC is an asset locked, profit for social purpose, Community Interest Company, founded on a People First philosophy. 

Lived Experience practitioners, supporting survivors of emotional and narcissistic abuse and trauma, helping individuals to recognise, cope and heal from manipulative, abusive behaviours and gaslighting in relationships.

Based in the Scottish Borders, Our services include Counselling, Holistic Therapy & Spiritual Healing, CPD certified Bespoke Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Personal Development.

We deliver services both online and face to face, both group sessions and one to one.



So many resources go into manufacturing clothing, when we throw unwanted clothing away, it usually ends up in landfill.

As it breaks down, it contributes to the pollution of our soil and water, which is damaging to our planet,

and therefore damaging to our health & wellbeing. 

 At Prewear  Sustainable Fashion, we recycle unwanted clothing, footwear & accessories at outstanding prices.

Redirecting waste away from landfill, we aim to find every item a  caring new owner, who can enjoy the benefits at a fraction of the cost. A philosophy that is wonderful news for our customers and the planet we share.

 Profits from Prewear are reinvested to provide Counselling Services & Holistic Therapies for people in our communities.


Due to the Pandemic, many of us are facing difficulties we never would have imagined.  

Being able to access support is particularly important  for our health & wellbeing. 

Please support our worthy cause by becoming a Prewear shopper today!